Windows style dialogue boxes

I would like to use windows 10 style dialogue boxes, where should I start looking in-order to learn how do this within processing?

The provided dialogue boxes in processing feel dated and seemingly cant return a value

What I want to achieve:


Which function did you use to open that dialog box in Processing?

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Hi, sorry for the delay, I found the solution to my problem and forgot to check the forum afterwards.

I have lost the original dialogue thing I was using, but found a better solution, that fits the criteria I was looking for:

boolean message(String title, String message){
  //println("msg: " + message);
  return showConfirmDialog(null, message, title, YES_NO_OPTION) == YES_OPTION;
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Oh, I had something like that here: :yum:

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That was the post I found the solution I was using in!

it also has more UI stuff that looks like windows, so its a better solution