Window larger than screen: how to see all parts?

Sometimes I use processing with larger photos (e.g. size(15000, 4000);).

It would be great if I could scroll around (or even zoom in and out) to see if all the parts of the photo are ready before saving the image, but right now the best I can do is slide the window from left to right and only see the uppermost part. Is there anyway around this?

did you play with the image function copy and resize?
small test:

 * Load and Display 
 * Images can be loaded and displayed to the screen at their actual size
 * or any other size. 
// test move zoom 

//______________________________________ VARIABLES
PImage img0,img; //_____________________ Declare variables of type PImage
String infile = "data/moonwalk.jpg"; //_ source file
float w,h,zoom=0.50;
float px,py; //_________________________ center position

void setup() { //_______________________ SETUP
  size(640, 360);
  img0 = loadImage(infile); //__________ Load the image into the program  
  w = img0.width; //____________________ get its original size
  h = img0.height;
  px = w/2; //__________________________ default center position
  py = h/2;
  println("use: mouse for move and mouswheel for zoom");

void select() { //______________________ IMAGE MOD FUNCTION
  mousemove(); //_______________________ look for mouse position
  img = img0.copy(); //_________________ make a copy
  img.copy(int(px-w/2),int(py-h/2),int(w),int(h),0,0, int(w),int(h)); //_ select what we need
  img.resize(int(w*zoom),int(h*zoom)); //_ and zoom it

void draw() { //________________________ DRAW
  select(); //__________________________ get it
  image(img, 0, 0); //__________________ show it

void mousemove() { //___________________ mouse click CENTER
  px = mouseX*zoom; //__________________ not optimal math
  py = mouseY*zoom;
  println("center at "+px+" , "+py);

void mouseWheel(MouseEvent event) { //__ mouse scroll ZOOM
  float e = event.getCount();
  //if ( keyPressed && key == 'z' )  //_ optional MWPP  
  zoom += e*0.03; //____________________ play with zoom step size here

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What you need is call panning. Previous posts:


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