Wide shape is not drawn from corner, but tall shape is

color black = color(36,39,45);
color green = color(141,187,110);
PShape rec;

void setup(){
  rec = loadShape("wideRec.svg");

void draw(){
  shape(rec, 800, 450);
  circle(800, 450, 10);

This is my first time drawing shapes from SVGs. I noticed a strange behavior. When I display a tall rectangle shape on screen, it properly draws it from the corner. However, when I draw a wide rectangle shape it has a strange offset and angle.

The tall rectangle case:

The wide rectangle case:

Each rectangle is just a simple SVG of the rectangle itself. It seems like an SVG with a wide aspect ratio causes an issue, but a tall one not? I want to understand what is happening here. I appreciate your help.

Update: After looking into it further, it seems related to how the SVG is made? I made these simple rectangles in Inkscape. I made the tall rectangle first. If I make the wide version by rotating the tall one, it won’t display properly in Processing. However, if I make the wide version by just stretching the tall (making no rotations), it will display properly. Somehow creating the wide shape by rotation in Inkscape causes an issue?