Why is the pixels array "unidimensional" and not bidimensional?

I’m just curious, I’m trying to build my own kind of pixels array out of processing/p5 and I’m wondering if it should be a normal array or a bidimensional array.
I can easily pull the xy coords from the unidimensional array with a simple algorithm and viceversa but it would be easier to use a two-dimensional array.
So is there any reason processing/p5’s pixels array is not two-dimensional?

Here are some drawbacks of multidimensional arrays in Processing (Java):

  • you need to create one array to hold all the rows and then one array for each row - initialization is more complicated
  • some rows can have different length than others
  • some rows can be null
  • it’s harder to iterate over all pixels: now you need two loops instead of one
  • harder to copy and resize: instead of System.arrayCopy() one array you need to copy each row separately
  • it might be a bit slower, because to access a value you need to follow two steps of indirection instead of one (load array holding the rows, load array holding the values in the row, access the value); with single array all the values are contiguous in memory, which should be faster to access
  • there is probably more

Basically the complexity of most operations increases, more things can go wrong, it might be slower, and the only benefit seems to be an “easier” access.


sorry, is your question?
why this
is not done this
good question, ?just history?

Maybe the pixels array is 1D because the computer memory is 1D :slight_smile:

In computer programming there’s often a struggle between: should we make it easier for humans or for computers? Often the faster approach for the computer is not the intuitive approach for us (unfortunately).

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Thanks! The algorithms for getting the coords are not a problem for me and it’ll save some of my lifeforce using one loop instead of two everytime I want to iterate throught it.

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Exactly. I didn’t know about the set method, thanks! sadly I can’t use it in this case as I’m not using processing or p5.

I’m not using processing or p5.

you posted under
/ processing / beginners /
but used the “p5” word , now your last comment even confuses me more.

what is your working environment?

Well I’m trying to make my own pixels array in an html canvas js program and I didn’t know if I should make it 1D or 2D so I’m asking why is Processing’s 1D instead of 2D

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