Why colors look different in different browsers?

Hello! I noticed that the colors in different browsers are different.
Below is a simple example with code and explanations:

function setup() {
createCanvas(1000, 1000);

for (let x=0; x<=1000; x += 1) {

As a result, in Chrome and Opera browsers, the image is not black but more gray, in the Mozilla browser the image is black

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Hi @Nik,

This is quite interesting! :wink:

Since p5.js is using the HTML Canvas element, by default if not set, the stroke color is supposed to be #000 (black).

You can verify that by getting this hidden strokeStyle value:

const canvas = createCanvas(1000, 1000);

// => #000000

See the source code of _getStroke()

As you would expect, on Firefox and Chrome it returns the same thing so the issue is not here…

This is strange because the first time I tried, the color was different but now I can’t reproduce the issue anymore… (testing on Chromium and Firefox)


Perhaps this is due to the different GPU on the video cards.
Tested on another computer - Chrome showed black color.

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Here is some information about rendering color