Webcam capture not working on Microsoft Surface

I just bought a brand new Microsoft Surface 8, x64 variety, and I’m trying to get a basic video capture sketch working. I’m using this for a product demo, so this is literally the first app I’m installing on this machine.
I installed the latest processing video library, and tried the sketch in both Processing 4 and 3.5.4 and I get the following result:

Processing video library using GStreamer 1.16.2
Available cameras:
[0] “Intel(R) TGL AVStream Camera #1
[1] “Intel(R) TGL AVStream Camera #2
BaseSrc: [ksvideosrc0] : failed to start capture (0x00000020)
BaseSrc: [ksvideosrc0] : Internal data stream error.

I’ve tried OBS virtual cam, but I can’t get the virtual camera to be recognized in Processing. Any other thoughts? Are there other drivers I can install to fix it on the hardware side?