Web parsing through a Harvey Norman

Hello everyone, so I am pretty young and just getting into processing 2 years ago. I am doing this competition where I am planning to do some web scraping/parsing through Harvey Norman’s website. The project needs to be about PCs so I’m going to parse monitors. I have looked at Danny Shiffman’s video but still a bit confused trying to get it to work. This is bascially Daniel’s work with my poor attempt at what to do.

Water :slight_smile:

String runningtime;
PImage poster;

void setup() {
  size(300, 350);

void draw() {
  // Display all the stuff I want to display
  //image(poster, 10, 10, 164, 250);
  text("Shaun the Sheep", 10, 300);
  text(runningtime, 10, 320);

void loadData() {
  String url = "https://www.harveynorman.com.au/acer-et322qr-31-5-curved-flat-panel-monitor.html";

  // Get the raw HTML source into an array of strings (each line is one element in the array).
  // The next step is to turn array into one long string with join().
  String[] lines = loadStrings(url);
  String html = join(lines, "");

  String start =  "\"final_price\":";
  String end = ",\"hide_price\":";
  runningtime = giveMeTextBetween(html, start, end);//Searching for running time.

  start = "";
  // Search for the URL of the poster image.
  String imgUrl = giveMeTextBetween(html, start, end);
  // Now, load that image!
  poster = loadImage(imgUrl);

String giveMeTextBetween(String s, String before, String after) {
before = "\"final_price\":";
after = ",\"hide_price\":";
  // This function returns a substring between two substrings (before and after).
  //  If it can’t find anything it returns an empty string.
  //String found = "";

  // Find the index of before
  int start = s.indexOf("\"final_price\":");     
  if (start == -1) {
    return "";

  // Move to the end of the beginning tag
  // and find the index of the "after" String      
  start += before.length();    
  int end = s.indexOf(",\"hide_price\":", start); 
  if (end == -1) {
    return "";

  // Return the text in between
  return s.substring(start, end);


I had some issues with that site and it wanted me to confirm that I am not a robot.
So tried something different… for us humans.

Here is a small working example:


I encourage you to review the resources available here:


Thanks dude ill defo try that