Way to organize many tabs?

In a coding project that I’m working on, I have a need for having many tabs to stay organized. However, I already have 17 different tabs with a need for more. If I have too many, I’m sure that it will become a hassle to locate the one I’m looking for, just because there’s so many. Is there an easy fix to this, like having different tab folders similar to what you can do in web browsers’ bookmark bars? This would help a bunch.

for the selection of Processing IDE TAB you can use the
little down arrow where you see the file / TAB list

even in the TAB header the name is not readable any more ( because too many / or IDE window too small )

about a sub folder usage i have no idea,
are you sure that building your own library would not help?
( well it hides the code parts what you obviously need to see ( or work on ))

actually i think both ways:

  • have many TAB


  • have long files

have disadvantages for bigger projects

now using other editor might help,
like for example GEANY
has TABs too,
can set MARKER,
but has also that
so long files are much better to handle.

There is a TabManager that you should be able to install by using the Contribution manager in Processing. You add it by going to Tools >> Add Tool...

Notice I have three sketches open and I have two files in one of them.

I was checking the Processing Foundation site and I couldn’t find any reference to the TabManager (It is not in the Tool page). It is probably because it was designed by the community. Just for the record, here are some previous posts:



https://forum.processing.org/one/topic/processing-tool-tabmanager.html (Sadly links are broken)


Just to further entertain this discussion further, there was some discussions to have something similar to #include. Check here and here but it was not implemented so it is my inderstanding.

My final point is to provide you another alternative. If you are working with that many tabs, have you considered creating libraries that you could use to support your project? If this fits your use case, then you can pack some of your code in a jar. Then you place this file in the code folder inside your sketch folder (you need to create the folder if you don’t see it there).



sorry, can not see a picture and can not find


in Processing IDE 3.5.3 / Contribution Manager / Tools
in win7 or Raspbian linux

@kll Thanks for letting me know. I just fixed it.