Want to make some styling changes in images/visualization in p5.js sub-area of math

Hi, I am new to the p5.js codebase and found some styling error in some math sub-area images, but I couldn’t find where these images/visualization is being rendered. I want to change some text alignment and image size in these images/visualization.

For example:

I want to know from where these images/visualizations are being rendered, and if I want to change, for example, its text alignment or font size, how can I do it?


The p5js website source code is hosted on GitHub here :

But I had trouble to search for this particular example of the norm() function.

I saw that at the bottom of the reference page for the function, you have a link to the source file :

Notice any errors or typos? Please let us know. Please feel free to edit src/math/calculation.js and issue a pull request!

But the example is not hosted on the p5js website repository, it’s in the source code!! :wink:


Hi @josephh, Thank you so much for the reply :pray:, but I actually want to know more about these images generated by this code. For example, suppose if I want to change the size of these images or change the background color from grey to something else or any CSS styling if I want to apply. Can I able to make these changes?

For the background, it’s in the example code : background(200).

For the size, it’s the size defined in the createCanvas() function but in the source file, you can’t see it.

I searched on the repository but it seems that they are automatically inserting the setup() function and I didn’t find it!

It’s not written on a README, can someone tell us where it is? @lmccart

You can check out the CSS files on GitHub : p5.js-website/src/assets/css at main · processing/p5.js-website · GitHub