Video Capture in linux with ARM processor

I have been using processing on Mac for some time with good success but am now trying to run a sketch on a Linux based depth camera, a Persee from Orbbec.

I have Ubuntu Linux 14 installed on the camera which uses an ARM (cortex A17) processor.

I am not having luck finding a video (capture) library that works. The processing library doesn’t work, the GStreamer library doesn’t. I looked like the GSVideo was going to be the answer but apparently won’t work on an ARM based processor.

Anybody had luck with Processing video capture on an ARM based system in Linux?

I would try GL Video 1.3 from Gottfried Haider, from the IDE panel, I suppose.
But I can’t test it right now…

I’m having trouble on a non-ARM Linux with Processing Foundation’s Video (based on GStreamer, I think) right now so I find this Video Capture troubles very disturbing :frowning: