VHS/lo-fi Glitch Effect

How can I get a VHS/lo-fi image effect like this?

I’ve googled to find the algorithm and codes to get this effect but i didn’t find anything!

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Can you clarify what you’re asking for or provide more examples?

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If it is supposed to be a real time effect, than I would suggest checking shaders. You can take a look if any of these effects on shadertoy fit your needs:


Porting shaders from shadertoy to Processing is described here:


I’m trying to mask a glitch effect on an image like this:

or like this:

Thanks I’ll give it a try

These are neato.

Are you more interested in learning how to reproduce these effects, or do you just want to filter some photos?

if it’s more the latter, maybe try photomosh.com


I’d like to learn the code and modify it.

It looks like glitch is a fairly minor part of the effect you want – the main components are a crt raster effect and color shifting associated with early computer graphics to crt – some vhs effects, like horizontal warping, but mostly crt.

Here is an in-depth discussion of all the different potential elements:

Possibly also useful: Rgb shifting




There are also some classic book covers that remind me of your aesthetic – Gibson’s Neuromancer (and, to a lesser extent, Burning Chrome) used a crt-cgi effect.


Thanks a bunch. I think figuring out the algorithm won’t be easy.