Using TwelveMonkeys PSD plugin with


I have just begun trying to use twelvemonkeys java ImageIO plugins with processing. ( link to git repo - with processing-core in java. While I am able to get a psd in I wanted to know if anyone here knows how to access the imageIO options with a PImage? ( to access the layers separately) Is it even possible or will I have to read in the image using imageIO then convert it to a PImage in order to work with it. ( something I would prefer not to have to do )

Any help or pointers to more detailed PImage information would be great as the javadoc does not seem to provide any help.


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HI @sulin – were you able to solve your problem?

If there is information that you are not finding in the JavaDoc, the source for PImage is here:

I don’t know enough about java.imageio to know what you are trying to do, but I’m guessing that a starting point might (?) be to look at the BufferedImage check in the constructor, here:

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