Using the Mouse as a Drawing Tool

Hi! I am currently playing around with coding the ability to draw in p5.js, and so far it’s turning out okay, but I have a question about using the mouse as a brush. Ideally, I would like to have it where whenever the user clicks the mouse (mousePressed), the brush will stop making lines, and then continue making lines when it is pressed again. I currently also have it set to whenever the mouse is pressed, the background is cleared and recreated. When I tried typing in the code to have both the background reset and the brush stop/start, the brush stopped appearing.

Am I missing a step to add the ability to control when the brush is and isn’t being used, or am I ordering the information incorrectly? I have attached a link to my sketches; you can view the project that is named “Sketchy Sketch.” Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, @van326

By not displaying your background you managed to keep a track of the mouse of your user, but this trick wont be enough to go further.

There is plenty of way of doing a paint like sketch, I suggest you to use an array of vector.

Here is an example of how array works in p5

And here is how to use vector

Feel free to ask if you need help :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, you can share each of your sketches separately in the p5 editor in the file tab -> share

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BUT if you not want go from PAINT Mode to CONSTRUCT Mode
here a small idea of a nice paint tool i made in JAVA Mode but just now translated for you ( using my )

Mouse Wheel Plus Plus

use mouse LEFT press for paint, RIGHT press for erase 
MousewheelPlusPlus: press
[r] red
[g] green
[b] blue
[w] brush size
and turn mousewheel