Using OscP5 with computer-to-computer network

Dear all

I attempted to create a network in my mac and connect another mac to my network. Connection was succeed and both mac received a self-assigned Ip address from this network(computer-to-computer network). Then I setup my code like this:
my mac

OscP5 myMac;
NetAddress otherMac;
void setup(){
    myMac = new OscP5(this,  32000);
    otherMac = new NetAddress("",12000)
    OscMessage msg = new OscMessage("/hello");
void draw(){}

Other mac

OscP5 otherMac;

void setup(){
    otherMac = new OscP5(this,  12000);
void draw(){}
void oscEvent(OscMessage msg){
      if(msg.checkAddrPattern("/hello")) println(msg.get(0).stringValue());

I run these code each one in the correspondent mac and I don’t receive any message.
Is it possible to use OscP5 with this kind of network or there is some tweaks I need to do in the mac preferences.

Thank you in advance

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It has been a while, but I don’t think those OSC ports are open on your Macs by default? Last time I was doing mac-to-mac OSC a few years ago I believe that I was using OSCulator to route the messages, which should still be up to date with the latest MacOS. (untested)