Using IO Library with

I’m trying to use to read GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi.
I haven’t been able to find any examples of IO library for
I’ve added the IO library, but can’t figure out right syntax to access the GPIO functions.
I’m getting this error.
NameError: global name ‘GPIO’ is not defined
Does anyone have experience using this library with


def setup():
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I think you should open an issue at GitHub - jdf/ A home for all bugs and feature requests about Python Mode for the Processing Development Environment. asking JDF to add support to this library. There are some libraries that need under the hood effort to work with Python mode :frowning:


Thanks, I’ll do that.

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Looks like this issue has been previously addressed, but I need to use a imaged version of Raspberrian rather than installing Processing on my own.

GPIO Library does not load at raspberry pi 3 · Issue #189 · jdf/ · GitHub