Using FastNoise


I’d like to use the FastNoise library. I drag&dropped the to a new sketch, and with the following code:

FastNoise myNoise;

void setup() {

I get the NullPointerException error, highlighting the only line in setup.

Could you please help me here? How should I use this library?


  • You had merely declared field myNoise w/o initializing it: FastNoise myNoise;
  • A reference field always defaults to null under Java.
  • We can’t do anything to a null value but checking out whether a variable has it stored.

Ru sure it’s SetNoiseType()? Under Java’s naming conventions that should be named: setNoiseType(). :coffee:

Here’s the link to the library:

Apparently it is SetNoiseType and not setNoiseType. For some reason all the methods are upper case.

In Ubuntu I had to download one dependency to make it work:

$ sudo apt install libvecmath-java
$ dpkg -L libvecmath-java | grep jar$


$ cd into/my/sketch/folder
$ mkdir code
$ cp /usr/share/java/vecmath.jar code/

Then I could run

FastNoise myNoise;

void setup() {
  myNoise = new FastNoise();
  println(myNoise.GetNoise(0.1, 0.2, 0.3));

The examples in GitHub look interesting. For example:

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By the way, this change removes the dependency on javax.vecmath, making it self contained.

Thank you both! Now it works fine (I’ve already downloaded the vecmath before).