Updating the topic template

I don’t know if this was suggested before, but I guess it would be great to update the topic template. It could be as wordy as p5.js issue template:

Hi there!
To check any option, replace the “[ ]” with a “[x]”. Be sure to check out how it looks in the Preview tab! Feel free to remove any portion of the template that is not relevant for your issue.

Most appropriate sub-area of p5.js?

  • [ ] Accessibility (Web Accessibility)
  • [ ] Build tools and processes
  • [ ] Color
  • [ ] Core/Environment/Rendering
  • [ ] Data
  • [ ] DOM
  • [ ] Events
  • [ ] Friendly error system
  • [ ] Image
  • [ ] IO (Input/Output)
  • [ ] Localization
  • [ ] Math
  • [ ] Unit Testing
  • [ ] Typography
  • [ ] Utilities
  • [ ] WebGL
  • [ ] Other (specify if possible)

Details about the bug:

  • p5.js version: <!-- You can find this in the first line of the p5.js file -->
  • Web browser and version: <!-- In the address bar, on Chrome enter “chrome://version”, on Firefox enter “about:support”. On Safari, use “About Safari”. -->
  • Operating System: <!-- Ex: Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Android/iOS along with version -->
  • Steps to reproduce this:
    <!-- Include a simple code snippet that demonstrates the problem, along with any console errors produced. If this isn’t possible, then simply describe the issue as best you can! -->

I think the template can be commented out between <!-- and --> as in this template. And a code snippet with ``` would be helpful to illustrate where to put the code instead of asking to use </> button :slight_smile:

Hi @micuat,

I agree with you on that point, putting a source code example with proper formatting could save us some words explaining how to do it each time to newcomers! :wink:

The text you sent is for a bug report but do you plan to adapt it for the forum as not all posts are bugs?
Also I find that the list of options might pollute the posts as people will not want to erase all the other options…

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thanks! The bug report is just an example of how wordy or exhaustive it can be. And I agree that there are a lot that has to be deleted. But my main point was to bring this to discussion.

If I understand correctly the current format is something like this

please format code with </> button

My suggestion would be something like (ahh trying to format markdown within markdown this drives me crazy :exploding_head: )

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// paste your code here
void setup() {
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