Understanding which curve function is most efficent for drawing a pointed oval?

Hello, probably a very simple question. I’m trying to draw a pointed oval as part of a sketch I’m doing. I’m having trouble parsing the reference material for all the different options to draw a curve. I’ve tried to understand the languages for bezier and well as quadratics, however I can’t understand how to use the equation for the curve in these terms. I’ve made an attempt at using Illustrator to visualize the bezier curve coordinates but that doesn’t seem to be fruitful.

Any help here would be really useful as this seems to be my limiting factor here.

Did you try seeing them as 2 circles / circular segments?

see Pointed Oval - Geometry Calculator

Then you could use pretty much two arcs one from above and one from below: see arc command.

  • The center of the upper arc would be below the horizontal center line (with a lying shape like in the link above)
  • The center of the lower arc would be above the horizontal center line