Typography Wall Transition


Everyone know of to reproduce this effects with Typography in Processing ? And how can I rotate the cube with easy ease and offset ? (Maybe with some key).

Here is the full video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hqVwr8z5aM

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Cool effect!

I don’t have a clear answer but maybe one way to approach this would be by following those steps:

  • Prepare all the “slide” with the texts (a bunch of jpeg image with the layout you want)
  • Process the slides to cut them into slices that matches the rotating parts (and also create a reverse version of them) to use as texture in the following steps
  • Create a bunch of cubes
  • Apply the previously created texture to each one of the cubes
  • Rotate the cubes
  • Apply a new texture
  • repeat the rotation and so on
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@jb4x You can also use PGraphics instead of image files if you want to draw the slides programatically.