[Tutorial] How to use Processing.py with PyCharm and intellisense

Hello everyone.
in the past few days, I’ve been kinda bored sitting at home all day. so I’ve decided to write a stub file for the Processing.py along with a full tutorial on how to make it work in PyCharm. the full tutorial is available in my repo. The stub file is still in the early stages and needs some more work. nonetheless, it works really well and as a plus, you get to use the weirdest import statement you have ever seen!. looking forward to your advice on how to improve it.


Thanks, @Abdulla060. Nice work!

* This post is probably better categorized under “Processing.py”, or maybe “Teaching”?

I did originally post it under Processing.py but it was move here for some reason

Okay, moved as requested!

I think you accidentally moved it to p5.js or was it intentional?

Sorry. Should be fixed.