Transparency, click through, and fetching window sizes, positioning, and names

Here is what I am wondering processing can do:

  • a sketch with a fully transparent background that shows apps behind it
  • a link in size and position to a certain window
    • kinda being attached to it
    • maybe even having a pre-defined window name to attach to?
  • inputs only going into the sketch when a key is held
    • clicking ignored by sketch, going into windows behind it
    • ctrl-clicking is seen in the sketch, but not the windows behind it

I have an idea for a tool and really hope I can make it work.
If this cant work in processing, does anyone know any other Java based IDEs that could do this?


Past discussions of transparent Processing sketch frames:

The routing of input to a specific app is an operating-system level controlled application consideration. If you want a hotkey to bring the Processing app into focus, you will probably need to use a macOS or Windows or Linux hotkey manager. This isn’t specified in the Processing app itself.

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