Tips for starting a future video project

Hello, I want to start working on a project which involves taking video footage and coding it in processing. For this thing I want to replace a grid of pixels(128x128 or 64x64) with svg images based on how bright the pixels are. I am a newbie in processing and I don’t really have programming background, so my question is where to start and what functions should I look at or any tips for doing this thing.
Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

Note that depending on the svg formatting you may want to use jpg or png versions of those images – svg is a big format, and some features are not completely supported in Processing.

I suggest that rather than jumping straight to video you start out by working with a single image.

  1. v1 sketch loads an image (sample video frame) and displays it
  2. v2 sketch loads an image and displays it at the correct size
  3. v3 sketch loads an image and displays a simple colored rectangle in the correct place for each area of the image, e.g. based on average color
  4. v4 sketch loads an image and, for each block of pixels, displays an svg or jpg corresponding to the average color.
  5. v5 sketch loads a video, and every frame does v4 to that frame.

This breaks things down into discrete problems that you can work on one at a time. The problem of how to group the image into chunks, the problem of how to interpret those chunks as one color, the problem of how to associate an svg with one of those colors, etc.