The colors of the markers behave strangely?

I was playing around with the simulation of the markers’ movement on a given unfolding map. I did not figure it out yet. Meanwhile, I got a question about the colors of the markers. Please see the following picture.
My question is, why is the trace “movement” of color black? I thought it’s supposed to have color red. Am I wrong?

it could be nicer, if we can see the code clearly.
post it in formatted text </> code tag

I cant test it right now, and don’t have expierence using these libraries, but I think the marker have a default gray stroke, and the minimun movement you’re setting is not enougth to see the marker under.

As I see here ther’s a function to set the stroke color, something like:


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I hope you were able to resolve this issue.

Please do not post screenshots of code – cut-paste the code and format with the code formatting button (</>). Then others can try to run your code and give better feedback.