Texture() using image. Not working on Android Mode

I want to create “Pixel Art Games” for Android. In Java Mode it worked (even I could rotate the image using the P2D > loadImage() > beginShape() > texture() > vertex()… ), but when I upscaled the image using vertex()… it looks blurry(which is another problem))

Texture() with image, is completely not working in Android Mode. HELP!.

Processing 4.3.3 with latest Android Mode

My Android device is Android 10

Why do you use texture()?¿
I there a reason for it? You could just use image()

Using Rotate() or Translate() or Scale() is slow and I have no parameters if I need more than 1000 sprites with his own life

vertex(x1,y1, 0,0):
vertex(x2,y2, 1,0);
vertex(x3,y3, 1,1);
vertex(x4,y4, 0,1);

using vertex() give me better parameters. I can increase the texture image, rotate, move, scale, blend, collisions with other sprites. Everything by just using the vertex x, y.