textFont() with font from Typekit / Adobe in React context

Hello, I try to use font loaded from TypeKit in a React / Gatsby Context, mut the font don’t load. I don’t find the way to do it.
I’m sure my font from Adobe is loaded because I it, by the classic way and the font is displaying perfectly.
I use gatsby-plugin-web-font-loader to load my font, the .env with the TYPEKIT_ID is ok.

but when I pass my font in textFont() that’s failed and another replacement font is displayed.

  function show_label() {
    p5.textAlign(p5.CENTER, p5.CENTER);
    // p5.textFont('aglet-mono');
    p5.textFont("Aglet Mono, mono");
    p5.text(p5.data.label, p5.width / 2, p5.height / 2);

I try different writing case like “Aglet Mono” or “aglet-mono”, or “aglet mono” … but that’s change nothing.

My configuration is

"dependencies": {
    "gatsby": "5.2",
    "p5": "^1.5.0",
    "react": "^18.0.0",

I try too set the font directly in the CSS component, but that's don't work too.

The only post I found about that it's : 

but it's not really appropriate, because is not on the React context.

So, if anybody have an idea, that's can be make my day !

My problem is solve… I do a classical error : forget to require("dotenv").config();at the top of my configutation file gatsby-config.js. Sorry for the noise.