Text input values don't seem to be working

I have this sketch I have been working on.


I am working on the input boxes under the sketch. On lines 81-88 i am setting up the inputs and on 118 thru 133 i am working with the inputs. When i enter new numbers into the text boxes the value doesn’t seem to change.

Any ideas what is going on?


Are we sure about these lines

wheel_1_R_input.value = 180; ?


Without them the sketch won’t run. I have no idea why. :slightly_frowning_face:

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It also doesn’t seem to matter if I cast them as an int or a float.

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Figured it out. Turns out you can’t cast the value of the float at the same time as getting the value.

wheel_1_R_input = createInput('180');
let w1r = wheel_1_R_input.value();
w1r = float(w1r);


wheel_1_R_input = createInput('180');
let w1r = float(wheel_1_R_input.value());

That doesn’t look right. This:

let b = a.value();
b = float(b);

should be the same as:

let b = float(a.value());

They are the same.