Text Converter (DESPERATE NEED!)

in desperate need, will depend whether i fail or pass the course!!!
Due date is very near!
No use of Arrays.

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lol. do your homework.

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good luck. remember you can’t spell school without cool

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Looks like a cool assignment! You could probably write it in a couple of hours. I imagine since this document is 7 pages long, that there are multiple parts, and directions on how each part should work. Looks like you’ll need a few loops to draw things, and some code that manipulates strings.

What have you got so far?

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It’s forum policy not to do homework for others

The idea is that you develop a program however small
with your own approach.

Then when you are stuck ask a specific question

I’ve done something, but i am lost, i really need help

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Can you Post your entire code here and we get you started…?

So in your draw() you need the text("…", ….,….); line

Now the buttons

For example before setup () make an array (see reference) of PVector:

PVector[] listButtons = new PVector

each slot of the array represents the upper left corner of the button

Another array holds the text:

String [] listTexts = new String [8];

(When you know OOP convert to a class Button)

in draw()

int i=0;
for (PVector pv : listButtons) {
300, 44);
text(listTexts[i], pv.x+3, pv.y+22);

Similarly in mousePressed loop over listButtons and check with if if the mouse is inside the button

Set a marker accordingly (e.g. greenColor = true or textSizeMy = 44)

When using text() for your main sentence as I mentioned before just set the text properties using these markers before text()

eg textSize(textSizeMy);

Repeat the pattern for all markers/ text properties you need

Sure, should i just paste everything here?

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Your due date was “very near” a week ago. Are you still working on this?

You can post your entire code here, yes. Be sure to use the code formatting button on it, which looks like this: </>

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Hello @processingboy1,

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This is directly from the “Homework Policy”:

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