New to class and need a project

Hello, I have come to a new institute because I have changed and I chose ICT.
They ask me for processing but I have no idea and the work counts for 30% of the grade. Help
This I have to do:
Draw on a light gray background of 600x400 and your name in black in the center of the upper part.
An orange circle, size 30 pixels (red plus green), the value of red twice that of green.
And a blue rectangle (150,235) imitating a basketball player.
We must make the circle and rectangle move with the mouse, only at the X position, 150 pixels apart.
Make the ball bounce, go down and go up from position 295 to 380.

Then there is another part that is this:

2.Create a program in PROCESSING transforming part 1:

Replace rectangle with player

Replace the background with a similar image that occupies the entire window.

Write a 0 at the top left Size 20 pixels and every time we click with the mouse on the basket we must increase the number by 2.

Draw 60 vertical lines at the bottom of the screen, from position Y= 440 to the end, use a method that repeats the process.

Please help !!!

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Please read this Getting Started /

Unfortunately it’s policy not to do homework in this forum

Show your attempt and we can help

here is a starting point:

void setup() {
  size(480, 120);

void draw() {
  if (mousePressed) {
  } else {
  ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 80, 80);
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We can’t do your homework BUT this place may help!!!

Try typing stuff like background, shapes, fill, mouse and use the examples to help!

It also seems like a while loop may help!

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Hello @SharkJulen,

All the resources you need to get started are here:

This is a list of the Processing Forum guidelines:

If you are going into ICT research and learning something new will be a ongoing part of your career. Learn to learn now and you will succeed in the future.

The tasks you are asked to do are all achievable with some effort on your part. Work through them one at a time…

Enjoy the journey!


It is fortunate that this forum has a Homework Policy in its guidelines:

It protects the integrity of the Processing Forum and those seeking help and guidance with their homework.


Hey @SharkJulen

Look at these links they might help you:

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