Testing embedding

@jeremydouglass I was verifying if with embedding I could get rid of the zoom problem (When the Device Pixel Aspect Ratio is not exactly 1) But for some reason, the sketch doesn’t work at all here.

Something odd about that sketch. I just had it crash two browsers.

At a minimum change mousePressed to mouseReleased so that you aren’t flooding many times per click. Something is going on with the flood too, I suspect. Or it is just my browser.

Thanks for testing. I really found an error in the code, when targeting the fill color. Also, the tolerance limit is reduced. I’ve made the correction on the Rosetta page. and tested it extensively. In OpenProcessing the problem remains. I will try to solve this whenever I feel the patience.
I do however not understand your advice to use mouseReleased(). In my understanding mousePressed just runs one click.