Tentacles renders on polar to cartersian all out of whack

Hey There,

I just recently found p5.js and have gone through a whole bunch of tutorial videos by Daniel Shiffman. I have managed to Frankenstein this together.

My goal is to have the tentacles hang on the vertices of the circular object since each of those points has an x,y. When I try use the RobotArm class to create a new object and hang it off the sides of the circle they just got all out of whack.

I attached a simple tentacle off the center just to show you what it looks like.

Now when I add those same tentacles on the edges things just go crazy.

I am fairly sure I can’t add the tentacles inside the push and pop in class Blobbytent > show(). I am going to try a few other methods and work on this, hoping for some advice.

Thanks :pray:

Tried something didn’t work.

I took the points on the Circle vertices that are getting placed by the polar to cartesian and stored it in an array then used those coordinates to place them again on the Circle shape. I was able to place it pretty well but now the Tentacles legs do not react to movement.

Here take a look

I will keep trying.
I am pretty sure push and pop is messing it up here. need to figure out another way to place those legs without translating.