Syncing processing with synths/pocket operators using MIDI CV or a click track?

I’ve got some processing code I’ve been working on to make generative visuals that go along with music. I’ve increasingly been creating the music myself using pocket operators. They sync to each other using what they call PO Sync, which is essentially midi CV. I’ve also seen musicians sync with them using a click track.

I’d love to use processing to control the tempo of my POs. Do any of y’all have thoughts about how I could create that signal? I’ve actually thought about recording the click that the PO makes and then regularly playing it from my computer using an audio output that isn’t powering my speakers. I also suspect I could find some kind of library that would actually generate the click.

Whatever I do, I’d need to make sure that I can specify what audio output I want to use for the click.

Perhaps I should have spent a bit more time trying before I asked, but this more-or-less gets the job done.

import processing.sound.*;
Sound click;
Pulse clickPulse;

void setup() {
  click = new Sound(this);
  clickPulse = new Pulse(this);

void draw() {

I might still iron some wrinkles out, but this seems to work. Hopefully others can benefit from this in the future.