Studio Dumbar's works. (Amsterdam Sinfonietta )

Who knows how to do works like Studio Dumbar do ? They are coding and their code reacting to the music. Some examples:

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I think that the fact that the visuals are reacting with the music is mostly editing but some patterns might be achievable with perlin noise :

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I have to learn about music libraries in processing, can anyone suggest me where to learn ?

Check those links :

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In general I would recommend looking through the sound library examples and the minim library examples if you are interested in making audio-reactive things. minim is a more complex library with more analysis options – if you want to react to different aspects of music, for example.

More generally, try starting with a simple example and then adding inputs that vary the contents. You can connect these to key presses or mouse movements to start, then add the microphone + minim – or you can start with the microphone controlling a single rectangle, then work your way up to the complex text surface. Or start at both ends and meet in the middle.

 * TextSurfaceDemo
 * Jeremy Douglass 2020-06-23 - Processing 3.5.4
 * try holding down a key, holding down the mouse
 * and/or dragging the mouse

float xstep = 14;
float ystep = 14;
String txt = "LOREM IPSUM SIT DOLOR ";

float inputA = 0;
float inputB = 0;
float inputC = 4;

void setup() {
  size(800, 400);
void draw() {
  if(mousePressed) inputA = frameCount/10;
  if(keyPressed) inputB = frameCount/10;
  for (int y=0; y<=height/ystep; y++) {
    for (int x=0; x<=width/xstep; x++) {
      int idx = int(y*(height/ystep) + x + inputA);     // counter
      char c = txt.charAt(idx%txt.length());            // get character
      float eggCrateOffset = inputC*cos(x + inputB)*sin(y);  // smaller/larger pattern
      textSize(xstep + eggCrateOffset);  // set text size
      text(c, x*xstep, y*ystep);         // draw text

void mouseDragged() {
  inputC = (mouseY+1)/(float)height * (14-1);


Thank you, for your reply.
I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you for your reply )