String Array {}

can i re-declare the variables in curly braces after declaring the string array?

String [] test = new String [500];

void setup(){}

void draw(){
test [] = {“shshsj”, “sjjsjsjs”, “2+288383”};

this does not work.
How can I do it more correctly. Through square [] brackets I can, but it doesn’t fit right now. I need {}.

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Curly brackets are used to initialise the array,


String [] test = {“shshsj”, “sjjsjsjs”, “2+288383”};

This means the array is now of size 3, and cannot be changed.

The values can however ie

test[0] = "string";

Or you can do

String [] test = new String [500];


test[0] = "string";
test[1] = "string";

And so on...

If you are unsure of the size required then use lists or arraylists

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Can’t I reinitialize the array after a certain time through curly braces?

Yes but then you will lose all previously stored values

I agree. please help me figure out how to do this.

Sorry not possible once initialised with curlys

Normally I only use curlys if I already know what I want in the array

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In any case, thanks for being able to sort this out. now I know that it will not be possible to use {}.


What is it you’re trying to achieve if you describe your problem I can probably give you a more appropriate solution.

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It doesn’t matter anymore, curly braces were needed only for convenience, square brackets would also work. Thank you for your help. Hugged.

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