Start up export file with processing on raspberry pi 3

I make an export application file from processing. I want to run start up this file on raspberry pi 3 with linux. Please guide me. Thanks

if you mean autostart at boot ( of raspberry pi / RASPBIAN linux / ) pls see
3D terrain standalone display project ,

or is your question that you export your app but it does not run?

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I want to run automatically an application file. The export file runs well. I try 5 methods but I have not success

at boot to desktop of user ‘pi’
yes, that is what i show you.
did you try the 2 command files
if not exist make sub dir
mkdir /home/pi/.config/autostart/

nano /home/pi/.config/autostart/myautostart.desktop

nano /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing
chmod +x /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing

do you have questions to that procedure?

very good

that is not a description we can help you on.

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How do I make a bash file, please guide me

you know how to open a terminal
you use what editor to make files?
( in above command list i say ‘nano’ but up to you )
so besides that, do you understand above 4 terminal commands?

now about the file content.
is show you in the link
but in the
bash file you must adjust path and file name to your export.
so if you not show me where your app ended up from export i can not
help you with the file content.

warning, play with autostart

  • command files
  • app content ( like fullscreen… )

can make your system unusable,
and if you not know how to undo that changes ( like from remote SSH putty login )
you might ending up burning a new system uSD.

I just started with processing and linux two weeks ago. Now, I completed programming one program. Apter exporting, I worked fine. The address of file is /home/pi/Destop/application.linux-armv6hf. I want mya program run automatically when the raspberry pi finishing booting. Please help me step by step to do that because I am newer.
Thank so much.

no, there is more to it.

where is your processing sketch
( as processing usually creates a directory for the sketches… )
and when you export, the application files are under that path??


ok, now i know the filename.
so you make your bash file

nano /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing

with this content:

# /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing
# this will not do anything unless called by a .desktop file

echo '10s'
env sleep 5
echo '5s'
env sleep 5

cd /home/pi/Desktop/application.linux-armv6hf/
bash combine_horizontal_and_vertical

# wait for operator to close window
read -p "press enter to close terminal window"

make it executable

chmod +x /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing

and test it

if the test works you can test the desktop file


also with double click

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Excuse me. Can I have a question? Now, when the linux starting, the window start_processing display, but the program have not run. On the window there is line Not a directory … press Enter to close…

how can you start ( reboot )RPI without doing the 2 tests i told you?

i do it just here, only with my own code
( as you not show us your sketch )
test bash

test .desktop


autostart on boot WORKS!

can you show me file content of

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Thank you your supporting me.After following exactly your guide, my program run well now.
Thank you so much.


Hello Kll
Can I have question?
Two days ago with your helping I did one program run start up. Today I follow the same procedure to make for another program but it have not worked

after reboot the window display and given:
/home/pi/.config/autostart/start_processing: line 11: cd: too many arguments
press enter to close terminal window
the bash file like this:


this will not do anything unless called by a .desktop file

echo ‘10s’
env sleep 5
echo ‘5s’
env sleep 5

$-armv6hf/bash combine_horizontal_and_vertical_new

wait for operator to close window

read -p “press enter to close terminal window”

this was working!

cd /home/pi/Desktop/application.linux-armv6hf/ 
bash combine_horizontal_and_vertical

this is not working

$-armv6hf/bash combine_horizontal_and_vertical_new

edit and repair

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