Sound library lag

Hi, I’m a beginner to processing and I’m trying to use the sound library. It works as it should but whenever I run the sketch it takes 2-3 minutes of loading before the sketch actually starts. While it’s loading, all I see is a gray screen. I’m only using 6 audio files which are all less than 5 minutes long so I have no idea why it takes this long to load. I exported the project as an exe and sent it to my friend and when they ran the exe it was stuck on the gray screen forever. I have sent an exe without the sound library to them before and it has never gray screened for them before so clearly the sound library is the problem. I also never had any lag issues with my sketch until I started using sound. Any help to fix this lag problem would be greatly appreciated! By the way, I’m using processing 3.3.7 and the audio files are all .mp4