Someone please help me: enemy shooting

Above is the link of my code.
Please check it and please tell me how can I make the circular enemies (which are moving towards left), fire small circular bullets at my player(which is in blue colour).

Please give a brief description of what you suggest…
If you can, then please describe your answer with some code also.

Please… please…please

When they fire randomly you can use command random()

The idea is that the bullets are visible throughout

So when you shoot add 5 bullets to an arraylist of class Bullet

Display the arraylist throughout and move the bullets. When you search shoot on the forum you will find something

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I can’t understand you. Can you please explain it with some code

Best when you check the arraylist in the reference

Did you search the topic in the forum?

Show your attempt with the arraylist and the class Bullet then I can help

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Yeah totally agree, @Nis try not to post multiple questions with the same title (which doesn’t describe your issue) and I think that putting some code right now is not going to help you more.

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