Some problems with sound

This is my sketch.
I have some problems about Audio In, delay process and reverb process.
I hope you help me.

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Actually it works fine if you pay attention to two details :

  • you use a p5 variable wich cause trouble with the p5 class ; change its name
  • you put a second condition wich is useless && (micLevel > 0.1) : it’s never true because there isn’t any sound played in your sketch because of it.

I noticed that sound1 has some “glitches” that others don’t ; do you know why ? great job btw

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First of all, thanks.
On the first point, what is the same name that you say? I believe that is radio, but the problem in my computer is in AudioIn and effects process.
On the second point, the second condition is used when you blow through the microphone of a mobile, the reproduction of the sound is activated. but on my computer it does not read more than “AudioIn”.
I don’t know what is the “glitches” about song1.