Some class wrapped examples for py5

I’ve just been blocked from creating a further reply to New Python Processing project: Py5 - #12 by monkstone so annoyingly I’m picking up the thread again.
@tabreturn I’ve been digging a bit deeper into py5 and I believe class wrapped sketches might be the way to go, the static mode might be terse but it doesn’t seem very pythonic to me. I am perhaps fortunate with my ruby-processing projects that jruby is just ruby, and at the very outset it was designed to inter-operate well with java (and where there is a ruby way of doing things that is preferred over processing methods). Anyway I’ve started a github project to record my experiments, the latest being a class wrapped version of @villares julia set.
Fixed my mint installation to default to python3 (apt install python-is-python3) so now I can run sketches from atom using script:-