SImultaneous sketch excecution on different computers

Is there a library to start simultaneously, in sync, two or more different sketches, each one in a different computer on a internal LAN and projecting on different projectors?
any latency issue?


@marcovvv – do you want two different (totally unrelated) sketches, or do you want the same sketch?

Will there be message passing – e.g. a ball bouncing between two screens, like in MostPixelsEver?

Do they need to just start in sync, or do they need to stay in sync? If so, what kind of content and what level of precision do you need – seconds, milliseconds? For example, video sync.

I wrote a few little library components to deal with the problems of starting and stopping shared sync applications across different machines – whether or not they shared an internal LAN – as long as their system clocks were in sync. I never released it, but I could take another look.

Hi @jeremydouglass
thank you for you answer.
It is a video installation made out of three different sketches. They have same origin but they evolve in different way that’s why i need to start all the three in sync, and after they start it is just a matter of the coding to keep them in sync.