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I’m a beginner in P5 library, is it possible drawing an interactive diagram similar to the image (below). ? each square represents walkways. each yellow (x) represent pieces that can be repaired depending if they are selected or not, i can click inbetween each walkway and select or deselect .

thanks in advance

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

It is possible but I don’t know if p5.js is the best tool for that. Assuming you are completely new to p5.js, I suggest the following:

  • if your goal is to learn p5.js (which may take some time to get to that diagram - but that is programming) I recommend following some tutorials
  • if you need that diagram as soon as possible, I guess you should look into some commercial software - I’m not so familiar with it and not endorsing specific tool but for example figma would work?
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depending on the functions you need
you can also load the image and display it in p5.js

Then make underlying data that gives you clickable points on the image

but a professional tool is definitely superior

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