Should negative width in image produce mirroring?

I wonder if this is a bug…

PGraphics canvas;
void setup() {
  size(600, 600); // P2D make no difference
  canvas = createGraphics(width, height);
void draw() {

  canvas.text("hello", 50, 50);

  // 1. original
  image(canvas, 0, 0);

  // 2. mirror using negative scale Fails
  image(canvas, width, 50, -width, height);

  // 3. mirror using transformation matrix Ok
  translate(width, 0);
  scale(-1, 1);

  image(canvas, 0, 0);


The “hello” bottom left should be mirrored horizontally in the same manner as the one on the right, right?

Update: I guess I expected that coming from openFrameworks… I see that p5.js also doesn’t do that:

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You should probably look at the 9 argument version of image(…) for this.

Thank you @neilcsmith, good find. It’s not documented.
It would work like this:

  // 1. original
  image(canvas, 0, 0);

  // 2. horizontal flip 
  image(canvas, 0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height, 
        canvas.width, 0, 0, canvas.height);
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Yes, I’ve never understood why this isn’t documented. It’s a really important method and been there a long time. Incidentally I also added a version with 6 coordinates in PraxisLIVE to easily draw unscaled sub-regions - would be useful upstream too.


while it is documented for the COPY

pimg.copy(src, sx, sy, sw, sh, dx, dy, dw, dh)

but looks like it has a different parameter understanding as your example?

and for a other test


it works like this, but possibly is not what you want.

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You can see I used scale also in my original example above :slight_smile: I know how to do that, I was only confused because negative width was not working as I expected (I was mixing OF and Processing).

but dw = 0 instead dw = -width i also not understand

It’s not dw. See

It’s two uv1 and uv2 (texture coordinates). So two points defining a rectangle in the image.

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// 2. horizontal flip
image(canvas, 0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height,
canvas.width, 0, 0, canvas.height);

would still mean for me that you copy a empty rectangle


// sorry for my beginner scale test , but i needed a easy example,
and your title sounds like: SCALE() not working / mirroring
the title should be more like

IMAGE() not working as expected.

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Does this explain it?

They last two arguments also define a point, not a width and a height.