Shapes3D V3.0 now available

The Shapes3D library has been completely rewritten from the ground up. There are so many improvements I suggest you look at the extensive documentation on my website and the examples that come with the library.
Some notable improvements include

  • more accurate shape picking
  • marquee selection of shapes (multiple shape picking)
  • movies can be used to texture shapes
  • users can create animated textures through manipulating text coordinates
  • shapes can be seen in View and GPeasyView controls from G4P

This version is not backwardly compatible so will not run sketches using earlier versions of Shapes3D.


I have just read the documentation. It looks interesting and easy to use, I am definitely trying it out. Don’t know yet what to do with it though, as I seldom work in 3D; maybe this is good chance to change that, any ideas or starting point you could suggest me?

By the way, the toothpaste looks great!

You could try making tableaus like Toothpaste but start small. Try with just one or two shapes and get used to applying colour and textures. The ShapeEditor example (see video) can be used to experiment with modelling tubes and extensions, try it out and copy the code to a new sketch then modify it to apply textures etc.

The thing is start small and build up to more complex projects as you gain experience and confidence in using Shapes3D

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