Setting size of display window to a percentage of screen size

I’m trying to make a program where users input values and the program spits out a final value through an equation.

This is all pretty simple, but the one thing I can’t seem to figure out is display window sizing.

My display is 4k, so if I were to size the window a reasonable size for a 1080p screen, say 1000x1000 pixels, it would be tiny and unreadable for me and other 4k users.

A workaround I thought I found for this was sizing the window as half of the screen size using:


but this spits out the error for only using numbers rather than variables for the size command.

This also means using integers at the beginning of the code to calculate a fraction of the screen size won’t work, ie.:

int sizeX = displayWidth*1>>2;
int sizeY = displayHeight*1>>2;


Would there be any workaround for this or am I cursed to have to either change my screen resolution every time I run the program or run the program at fullscreen?

Thanks in advance.

size() usage is quite limited: It can be used only once and it requires explicit values, no variables. So you need to think a bit differently. You can use displayWidth to test display size and based on that set size like this.

void settings() {
  if (displayWidth > 2000) {
  } else if(displayWidth < 1000) {
  } else {
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