Server on Raspberry not working

I have written a program on my laptop where I am creating a server and connecting some ESP32 as clients. Server sees when a new client is available and I have communication between them. Now, I am trying to run the same program on a Raspberry but I am getting a server IP which is not correct obviously. Why is that? When I am running the program on my laptop everything works fine. What am I missing? First time working with Raspberry.


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That’s difficult to understand without any code. What method are you using to get your IP? On which RPI are you? Are you using Websockets or the built-in Network libary? Check if your network interface is on, enabled and NOT in Promiscous mode, by running in Terminal iwconfig.

Problem solved. I was using new Server command to server

  myServer = new Server(this, 5204); 

so was getting the which is loopback IP (but I didn’t knew that :expressionless:) when I understood how exactly the loopback works I solved my problem by connecting at the IP RPI got. Everything now works almost fine. Stupid question I know.

Thanks anyway,