Serial write char larger than 127

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I’ve been playing with the g4p text box and the knob to send serial data to an Arduino but have run into a problem with char values larger than 127. Is there another method to serial write int values? I know that 170 is beyond what a char value can be.

This what I’m doing:

  int my_value = knob1.getValueI();

In this case the int my_value can be between 10 and 170.

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i told you in your last question:

what i want to say is stay on the ( easy diagnostic ) ASCII level
until there is no other way as to write byte stream / own protocol …


write a arduino program where you
also from the arduino IDE monitor can send type
multi character ASCII TEXT in a LINE (CR LF )


and the arduino catch that whole String and makes a number again out of it.

if stay on one byte / character level will be ever restricted to that understanding
and that is different processing and Arduino…

  println( "byte     "+Byte.SIZE+  " bit | min: "+Byte.MIN_VALUE+   "\t\t\t max: "+Byte.MAX_VALUE);
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Possibly a relevant Arduino + Processing example – the final post on this thread:

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