Serial issues with apc220 and Processing 3.5.4

Hello everybody !!

I’am a new user of Processing software and I try to etablish a communication between my laptop and arduino board with apc 220 wireless module. In the following link someone use the Processing 1.5.1 :, but the Processing 1.5.1 does’nt work anymore on my laptop. So, I want to do this with Processing 3.5.4 with the serial class but the write function does’nt work and I don’t understand why.

import processing.serial.*;

// The serial port:
Serial myPort;
void setup()
  // List every serial ports available:
  printArray (Serial.list ());

  // Open the port apc220:
  myPort = new Serial (this, Serial.list () [0], 9600);

void draw()
  // Send the data to apc220 via the serial communication
  myPort.write (0xAA);
  myPort.write (0x00);
  myPort.write (0xFF);
  myPort.write (0xFF);

The code above worked on Processing1.5.1 but doesn’t work on Processing 3.5.4 someone can help me please?

It works fine here on Processing 3.5.4 on W10.


I did connect to an available COM port.


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