Sending Data wireless

i want to make a project/app, in which i could send txt files from my device to the PC with wireless connection…I am studying right now about oscP5 library and making connection between devices…My question is if i can send files wireless with the oscP5 library and is there a similar example with this library or another one to focus and help me?

What device do you have? Android? Ketai have wifi direct and B2. Maybe you could use that.


Sorry for my late reply…My device is Android, a mobile phone and a tablet.Is there an example or a project that i can base on for sending txt files wireless?

I’d try oscP5. Check the BLOB functions which allows you to send data as a package. Not sure how big the data could be. While we talk about size, how big are those files and how often would you be sending them?


What is the BLOB functions??Is there examples to base on??The txt files that i would like to send are about about 1MB and i would like to create a code with which i would push a button in my up and then i could send the data file…

Not sure if there is a blob example. I remember looking into that a while ago, not in the website but actually in the library’s JavaDocs. I don’t think you will find examples. I might be wrong, so just go ahead and explore, probly the older forum. If you find some code that might work, share it and it will be a good stating point. Now, working with android, you might want to loop at other alternatives. Have a look at what ppl are doing out there, what are current approaches discussesd in the cyberspace. We could always implement them in Processing so I think.


i found this example project bellow:

I am trying to understand if there are common characteristics with mine and if i can connect them…What is your opinion?