Self programming tool and php

i made my first steps with php. because i have a script running pde as javascript its posible do interact both. i have now a app that download code from a txt from my homepage an put it in to his own pde code(i have coded a app that is a painting tool that writhe itself as new pde and run it and start this one and again…). cause in the self programing pde can be set markers mabey i make txt files with php and get them in my tool.
it works sofar it just grab the counter of my page and wrote it in pde behind a //
on my homepage a first little try with php.
not new is my pde-javascript player it plays txt files like a gif(normal picrure) cause its realy slow i dont linked it on my page.

the txt player:
please be patient its experimentle stuff

i code everything under terms of

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my php skills improved by time. now on you can change the color filter global. no login requirers or something, yust by clicking. the txt viedeoplayer is now able.
all charing the same values and set the values vor everone else.

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