Select all boolean variables in one keyword

hello everyone.

is there a trick or a solution to interact with all boolean variables in one keyword ?

I hope something like " all.boolean == true" .

I think I already saw something like this but I can’t remember exactly.

do we have a way to do this or is it just a dream ??

Thanks a lot for your help


I don’t fully understand what you mean, but yeah.

Do you mean to check for multiple booleans and see if they are true?

You can do that by using && simbols. It means AND. So print( 1 < 2 && 4 != 5) would print out “true”

Alternatively you can make a function comparring all of the inputs. (Here is one I wrote (not tested yet, but it should work)

boolean check(boolean desired, boolean... inputs) {
   for(int i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) if(inputs[i] != desired) return false;
   return true:
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Sorry I just saw your answer, thanks a lot.I will check your ideas.

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  • that == is for comparison in if: if(boolMy == true) {... and
  • that = is for assignment: boolMy = true; sets boolMy to true

Remark 1

technically, if(boolMy == true) is not necessary, you can say if(boolMy) { ....

When you have a few booleans you want
if(boolMy1 && boolMy2 && boolMy3 && boolMy4) {....

Remark 2

when you have multiple booleans, maybe have them in an array (which is a list) then you can for loop over them