Segway City (Processing P3D) (Need to convert to P5.js)

I have created a PC game: Segway City. using Processing P3D

Segway City 1.7 splash screen
Segway City 1.7 splash screen

Segway City is a game, where you drive the segway, around crates and potholes, and try to last as long as you can, break your previous high-score, and make it to highest level you can.
It is build in Processings own IDE, using P3D, and several of my own libraries: X3D (Processing P3D simplified) and DAOHL

Project Homepage

You can learn more about the project, see the newest changes and download it here:
(Desktop application. Only supports Windows 7 or newer)

The game has 2 themes: Adventure and Traditional
Adventure has more realistic textures, and a skybox, where Traditional has simpler textures, and is made for slower machines.

Need help converting it to P5.js

What i need help with is converting the game to p5.js for web use.

You can join the project here:

A 3D game, using processing core libraries. Need to convert whats in the “processing original” directory to P5.js for web use . The asset files (textures, images, videos, fonts, etc…) are already in the p5.js folder

Project Info

About Segway City

You can learn more about segway city on its homepage:


In the segway city game, there are 2 themes. One titled (Adventure), and one titled (Traditional) The themes are made use as follows:

Game Directory/
. . data/
. . . main_theme/, main_theme2/
^ (The 2 folders are the 2 themes. One is Adventure, and the other is Traditional.
The directory entitled “main_theme” is the directory that will be used in the game.)

About P5.js

Learn more about p5.js: about p5js